5 Things You Need When Using Heavy Duty Tools

Whether you are doing your own home DIY or working with a major construction company you should consider investing in some things that will protect you from harms way if something where to go wrong. Of course, some jobs may provide you with some of these but in certain circumstances it would be advisable to be using all of them all the time.


Perhaps one of the more obvious things you definitely should invest in is some gloves. Not just any gloves will do, you need some that are going to be tough and have a durable outer layer than can’t be pierced or split that easily. You want to look for ones that offer that. So, if you do happen to touch something sharp or whatever else your hands will be protected. Also, if you are working outside and working in damp or wet conditions having gloves made from a certain material would allow you to grip and hold things even when its wet and perhaps should be considered before you buy.


Boots are often overlooked by people and if you are a handy man or working on a jobsite as you day job it would be a good idea to get some tough and rugged boots, perhaps even ones with a steel toe to protect your toes from a falling item. Some people are often put off my some heavy duty boots because they think they are uncomfortable and this is sometimes true but there are exceptions check out this list for some great options – most comfortable work boots. I too myself was skeptical but I tried some and I couldn’t be happier with my purchase. Not only are they more comfortable that my previous trainers but they protect my feet and also seem to reduce fatigue.


Heavy tools are serious and because of this you may want to consider getting a helmet. Although this may be overkill for some work in others it should be mandatory if not already. Working on a worksite or a construction site where you use these tools means getting a helmet is highly recommended in my book.

Safety Glasses

If you where just to buy 2 of suggestions in my top 5 I would say get the gloves and the safety glasses. Some people don’t think of this and it could come to bit them in the ass down the road if they didn’t wear some safety glasses. If you are doing anything with heavy duty tools or even small tools like drills and hammers, then you should buy a pair. Heck you can pick them up for a couple of dollars, are you eyes worth more than that to you? I think I already know the answer!

Tough Outer Clothing

If you are working in a rough area or somewhere a lot of construction is going on getting some tough clothing can be really important. The most important pieces of clothing I would buy is something that will protect the arms from harm. Also getting some tough and well-padded pants may be a good decision as well. Though ideally some tough jacket or something that can protect your arms from minor scratches and such would be a god send in some situations.

Who Says Kitchen Tools Have to Be Boring?

When form meets function, the lines are clean and the purpose is straight forward, your kitchen accessories will be anything but boring. High end kitchens deserve high end modern kitchen tools. Pick a single piece or two. Grace your counters with any of these contemporary delights and you can’t go wrong. Kitchen tools can turn absolute art form in combinations of rich woods and polished metals.
Outrageous Coffee Accoutrements

If you purchase nothing else for your high-end kitchen design, you’ve got to find the “perfect” coffee brewing vessel. The ultra-modern items available for those of us with a caffeine addiction are next to spectacular.

Although the prices aren’t for the faint of heart, you’ll be delighted with the assortment of kitchen tools in the High Design Kitchen Tools Ideabook at Houzz. My personal favorite is The Clive Stand. For $195, you can have a coffee dripper and decanter stand handmade from solid Oregon black walnut woods. Yes, it’s expensive – but, I’d save my pennies for this one without reservation.

Stainless Steel

A more plentiful and inexpensive option for high style kitchen accessories can be sought out at local home good and department stores. Look for modern designed stainless steel tea pots. You can score well for as low as $29, but the prices will go up from there. It’s the perfect low-cost start for a high-end kitchen collection.

Rich Woods

Low luster or rubbed-oil finishes on solid wood kitchen frills bring in warmth like no other material. Try displaying a fancy salad serving set or find a wine rack to house your private collection. Crate and Barrel is a wonderful outlet for kitchen tools that please in rich wood finishes.

Sleek and Funky Kitchen Tools

Half the fun of dressing your kitchen with cool tools is the hunt. It never ceases to amaze me what I find when I start surfing the web for new items. My new favorite is the Nuance Rolling Pin by Marcus Vagnby; made in Denmark of solid beech wood and stainless steel. The simple, contemporary design just captivates me.

So, who says kitchen tools have to be boring? Set your mind to seeking out bold, new contemporary designs for your home cooking center that have both function and high end style. With a few well-placed items, you can set a stylish tone in your space with combinations of rich woods and polish metals that delight the senses.

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How to Carefully Remove Window and Door Millwork in Your Old House

When you are remodeling or restoring a historical old house, eventually the window and door molding will have to be removed. Molding (also known as millwork) is the decorative treatment that trims out interior openings, and ranges anywhere from a flat piece of wood to elaborately carved millwork.
In Victorian era homes and older, that millwork is quite wide and can measure anywhere from 4 to 6 inches wide. In order to secure this millwork to the lathe and plaster beneath, carpenters often used a combination of short and long nails. The shorter nails were used to first tack the molding to the plaster, the longer nails were then used to secure the wood to the studs that were hidden deep behind the lathe. In our home, we were chagrined to learn that the builder had used 5 inch nails to hammer the millwork into place.

Removing the millwork without damaging the wood uses time, patience, and these tools:

1. An assortment of crowbars including a standard crow bar and a pry bar called the “Wonderbar.”

2. Pipe file or Sawzall. These may be needed to cut through thick nails so as to prevent damage to the millwork.

3. Utility knife with plenty of replacement blades.

4. Hammer, pliers, scraps of cardboard, and safety goggles.

How it’s done

Step 1: Beginning with the corner blocks (sometimes called a rosette), score the wallpaper or paint where the millwork meets the wall.

Step 2: Pressing the tip of the wonderbar behind the rosette, and gently tap the base of the tool with the hammer. With these first few steps, the goal is to merely loosen the rosette away from the wall instead of trying to pry it completely off.

Step 3: Work your way around the top and side of the rosette until it has lifted about a 1/6th inch or so from the wall.

Step 4: Next, slip the Wonderbar beneath the rosette and gently inch it away from the wall. After the rosette has been lifted an inch or so, you should be able to determine the type of nails that were used to secure the millwork in place.

Step 5: For smaller nails, the Wonderbar can be used to finish removing the rosette. If the rosette was secured with larger nails, you have two options.

1) The first is to use the Sawzall or file saw to cut the nails between the wall and the woodwork. This is the safest option for preserving a rosette that has been secured with multiple nails.

2) The second option is to use the crow bar to remove the rosette. Use a scrap of cardboard to protect the back of the rosette from pry marks as the millwork is removed from the wall.

Step 6: Once the corner block is down, repeat these steps to remove the rest of the molding.

Keeping track of your millwork

In most homes, the millwork is identical through out the house. To keep track from where your molding came from, it should be identified on the back with a pencil. We usually wrote a combination of numbers and letters which denoted the room from where it came (such as K for kitchen), the opening (such as SW for south window), and whether it came from the right or left side of the door. With these markings, it was easy to return the millwork to it’s proper location after the restoration was finished.

Removing millwork from a 100 year (or older) home is a challenge, especially when the millwork was installed to last. Using these tools and tips, this part of your old house restoration should be a little easier.

Tools You Should Always Have in Your Garage

Introduction to keeping tools in your garage

Keeping tools in your garage is standard to owning a home. Instead of dealing with repairmen paying you a visit, you can often fix small repairs yourself, even advancing in skill quickly enough to fix even more otherwise expensive home repairs. But what is the standard list for a garages inventory? This list of too really isn’t too extensive, However, as your become more familiar with tools and home repair know how, this list will expand. It is often a good idea to create enough extra space to expand your tool collection as your talent expands. But what is the guideline for this? Actually, there are no guidelines; it is however you want it to be. Here is a list of basic and advanced level tools gauged on the level of repairs needed.

Basic tools for your garage

This is the easiest collection of tools to obtain, they are often found at just car shops, and even department stores. To begin with a hammer and nails are a must for hanging pictures or fixing small items around your house. A screwdriver set is also very important, I would even say more important than a hammer, a screwdriver set will allow you to tighten or put together anything that needs the job done. Bought a new dresser from Ikea? It may come with a hex key, but I doubt you’ll get a screwdriver for free. Is your old chair making funny noises? It probably needs a few screws tightened. Be sure to purchase a screwdriver

set as just buying one or two may not provide you with the needed sizes. When using screwdrivers, an incorrect size can damage the screw and turn a simple repair into a complicated one. Pliers are good for bending wire or grabbing sharp or dangerous objects, wire cutters are good when wire cutting is needed and a few small clamps are good for keeping things in place while you fix them. These are all the basic necessities for tools in your garage.

Advanced tools for your garage

After a few years, months or maybe just days you may be inclined to fix something more advanced. The term advanced is very flexible as some people are simply more naturally handy at fixing things around the house than others, so here is a list of things that will help the more challenge ready individual to fix your home repairs.

A saw is a good item to have when you plan to renovate or make something that will help your home run smoother. This combined with your hammer and nails will allow you to build or fix almost any structural problem. Purchasing a table will allow you to do the work much quicker; however, it is advised that you use proper protection while operating this machine, safety glasses and puncture proof gloves are ideal. An electric screwdriver is key when you will be screwing a lot of screws as a regular screwdriver can turn an advanced repair into an impossible work out.

It is best to have a large, movable tool kit, the ones that have several compartments to help keep everything you have neatly organized for quick access. These can be very expensive, but are more than worth the money and time you invest in your home repairs. Creating a small tool shop for repairs can be fun and keeping tools in your garage is a good way of getting a lot of your more common repairs done.

Build Your Own Garage

Garages serve many useful purposes to your home. If you’ve ever seen a home with a beautiful garage, you would love to have one yourself. You can either build your own garage using several garage plans, customized plans or with a garage kit.

Whether you are building your garage from the scratch or you want to customize your garage, you can make it a dream garage that ideally suits your purpose. You can get online, lots of resources and great ideas that can help you in building that customized garage that that will add both beauty and uniqueness. You can also find them in bookstores. Here are some customizable designs plans from which you can build your own garage.

One-car garage plans

These are designed to store a single vehicle. It usually features one door. Designs exist with many customized styles. We have many detached designs that vary in size and easily complements your home

Two-car garage Plans

You can build your own garage using the two-car garage plans. This blueprint also comes in various designs, some offering overhead doors, longer vehicle storage, hip or gable roofs as well as other styles that will just give your backyard a nice dressing.

Three-car garage Plan

There is also the three-car garage plan with good spaces for other items you may wish to store. The styles abound either the detached or joined to your property. Some also provide a walk-in door and easy exit, unique rooflines, workbench space and a motorcycle park. The same applies to a four-car garage plan. If you have intentions of keeping your lawn equipment and your bikes, you will need a bigger sized garage.

Drive through garage Plans

If you have a drive through garage plan in your mind, you will not only find available designs, but also a variety of beautiful custom choices you will need to build your own garage into a model garage edifice. With overhead doors on the front and back of your garage, you can just drive through.

Garage Apartment Houses

Maybe you want to build your own garage to accommodate some extra living space. You will find plans for customized and ideal garage apartment houses. You can have your bedrooms, kitchen, game and children playroom and living space built specially right with your garage.

If you have a need for extra storage but you have limited lot size, you can find garage designs with lofts and storages, American garage offers many complementing and roof designs in line with your perfect choice.

RV and Boat Garages

There are good garage designs for recreational vehicles and other facilities. Do you have a boat, RV or trailer? We have special RV and boat garages that will just suit your purpose.

You can also build your own garage to serve a multi-purpose. There are plans for additional activities such as home businesses, workshops, basement, games and sports activities and equipments and gardening tools storage.

Garage Kits

In case you want to build your garage using Garage Building Kits, there are very good steel garages kits. They are made from detached materials from buildings built from galvanized steel. You will find really cool steel garage building bearing a resemblance of an airline hangar. The kits are so simply designed that practically anyone can build his own garage with it. There are also many companies who can construct the garage for you. Steel garages are a do it yourself kind, with many different options, styles and colors available. If you need an extra storage space in your land, or a detached garage, build your own garage with the do-it-yourself kit.


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